Monday, February 13, 2006

Anti-Hillary ad for '08

I know that the 2008 election is still just under 1,000 days away, so I hesitate to bring it up. But I think that it is important to seize the moment now so that we can capture Hillary's honest sentiments before she engages her inner chamelon again and ends up a staunch pro-war hawk or something. So here is a possible ad for the 2008 campaign (and I will let you use it for free):

Play clips of Hillary accusing the Right of "playing the fear card" in order to win elections. Have a voiceover ask "Who is really playing the fear card here?" or something to that effect, and then intersperse a montage of scenes of what was happening while Hillary was making her accusations. Some things that are going on: The "Cartoon Jihad" in which a group of Danish imams have succeeded in inspiring rebellion across the Muslim world over a bunch of cartoons; Saddaam going nuts at his trial and spewing hatred toward America; an innoncent female American journalist held at gunpoint under threat of beheading; Osama bin Laden publicly threatening further attacks on America; suicide bombers/car bombs killing American troops; etc.

The Republicans aren't the ones who are playing the fear card, Muslim extremists are. And that is what the Left just cannot comprehend. Bush and his people simply understand the nature of the game. They do not play the fear card, they play the hand that they've been dealt, and America is safer for it.


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