Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hey John Stewart

Ok, everyone already knows that John Stewart is the white male Oprah. His sly humor and oft-sardonic wit has propelled him to mega-man status as the political voice of the young, dynamic, tech-savvy (secretly self-loathing, depressed, extremely well-medicated, liberal) next generation of movers and shakers of the world. It is with these youngsters that John, who is fresh into his 44th year, finally found a soapbox from which to impart his "I'm just a little (and by that I mean a ton) smarter than you" political philosophies to the world. This may surprise you, but I have no problem with John using the "The Daily Show" as his way of showing the world how smart and cute he is.

What I have a problem with is everything that John Stewart says about the Daily Show when he isn't on it. Easily the most public example of his unbearable hypocrisy and smugness came a while back when he went on the CNN show "Crossfire" and (if you want to believe his fans) "browbeat" Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala by telling him that their show "hurt America" and lecturing them about their moral and civic responsibilities and even calling Tucker Carlson a "dick" and making fun of his bow tie. When they retorted with questions about his own show, his only offering was, "if you want to compare your show to a comedy show, you're more than welcome to". This was obviously lapped up by his liberal cohorts, "zing!! John really busted 'em there!!" but I thought he sounded like a little smug spoiled rich kid trying to lecture his parents or something. Here's the message I have for ol' Johnny boy:

You can't have your cake and eat it too.

I would think that someone as obviously smart and witty as you (I actually mean that, he's witty - I sometimes watch the D show) would be able to recognize the utter hypocrisy in 1) going on a political talk show to lecture its hosts on serious matters like moral responsiblity and integrity, telling them they are "hurting America" and engaging in "partisan hackery" etc. while simultaneously evading their retorts by 2) claiming you're only a comedian and that your show comes on after a bunch of "puppets making crank phone calls". This reeks of the mentality that pervades his show - best summed up as "I'm so much smarter than you that I can say whatever I want not have to worry about it because I'm also morally superior". It is precisely the same reason that John Kerry lost the 2004 election.

In summary, I think John Stewart's funny, seriously. I simply think he is extremely disingenuous and loathes those people whom he considers below his level of intellectual prowess. He demonstrates this by being smug there in his all-powerful anchor chair at the D show which he believes makes him appear all the more brilliant. Can you imagine him sitting down with a conservative family in Alabama for a dinner table political discussion? No, because he is one-dimensional and can only act civil when he's sitting by himself talking at a captive audience.

So hey John Stewart, you're funny. You make witty and often somewhat insightful connections demonstrating the inherently untenable positions politicians in Washington often take. That said, cut the political lecturing b.s. out of your repertoire. It only makes you look like an elitist, quasi-intellectual who would have his lunch eaten by any conservative intellectual with half a brain. Let's have more of the "Dude, I come on after a show with puppets" and less of the "stop hurting America!" and we'll all be a lot better off for it. "And that's the fake news" you smug little twerp.


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