Sunday, May 21, 2006

The 8,000 lb gopher in the DNC Chamber....or, why the Democrats can't take advantage of George W. Bush's soaring unpopularity

Maybe the DNC didn't do it after all....Drudge has retracted the original story

I've been at a graduation all weekend, so I don't know what's been happening in the world lately, but apparently the Dean Failure Machine (DFM) has struck again, albeit in a roundabout'll have to pay careful attention here....

I have to admit, I was shocked and awed when I saw that New Orleans mayor Ray "Chocolate City" Nagin, yes he to whom personal accountability means about as much as immigration law means to Mr. W, he who decided to abdicate his position of authority and defer to the hopelessly inept federal government when his city needed him the most (only to retake the Hershey's throne to his chocolate kingdom after the worst was over), he who took no responsibility for his own shortcomings during the Katrina disaster but merely blamed the racism of George W. Bush (who did drop the ball....but I honestly believe any sitting president, conservative, liberal, black, white, hispanic, mestizo, or whatever would have dropped the ball to some extent with such a poorly set up system...but anyway, it wasn't racism for crying out loud!) for his city's and the country's embarrassingly awful reaction to that horrible situation....yes Ray Nagin...who apparently was reelected this weekend (more on that later...DFM-related), actually praised President Bush for Katrina relief efforts:

From Drudge Report:

In his victory speech late Saturday night, Nagin praised President Bush. "You and I have probably been the most vilified politicians in the country. But I want to thank you for moving that promise that you made in Jackson Square forward," Nagin said.

Now I know of only one politician whose ineptitude could prompt Ray Nagin, whose recent popularity in the national spotlight has been based almost entirely on his civil rights activist-ish slamming of the Bush administration's reaction (or lack thereof) to Katrina, to show blatant appreciation for Bush's help during his celebratory reelection speech....I mean that's a pretty huge turn seems like it would take a pretty embittering event in order to change someone’s opinion that much….who could account for such a thing….oh, I think I’ve got it….

You Guessed was the DFM.

So here's what I've gathered, in a very small an acorn or something....Dean's “brain” trust, who needs to be fired, decided to support the guy opposing Nagin, named Ray Landrieu, I'm not sure why. An example of the lopsided support system: Landrieu outraised Nagin $3.3 million to $.5 million. The mean...DFM.... also actively worked within and outside of New Orleans in order to get Landrieu elected.

So you would think that a candidate with the support of an entire national network of seasoned grassroots campaign activists, etc, would beat an already polarizing and shaky incumbent candidacy in a Mayoral election, right? Well, we obviously know it didn’t work…and I think that we've discovered the reason Mr. Nagin was praising Mr. Bush after his unlikely victory, comprende?

I guess maybe the Republicans really might not have anything to worry about in 2006. I mean, if the DNC chairman can’t beat a Mayoral candidate in a city-wide election when he has out-raised his opponent by 400% and he has every political advantage in the world…I think there is something wrong there.

So anyway, I think this points to the deeper issues of Howard Dean's anti-singular persona...which is why he has become the DFM and why I must cast my completely inconsequential and arbitrary voice such that the democrats should enact a vote of no confidence and remove Dean from his position of authority in the Democratic National Committee. I mean, George W. Bush is on the ropes, really badly on the ropes, but the democrats can't seem to gain any traction...everyone wonders why...hey guys, there's an 8000 lb gopher in the DNC chamber and it shrieks during campaign stops like a goosed goat (we're going to Iowa....we're going to Kansas....hhhyyyyeeaaahhhn!!!)...I mean really, there is nothing in the entire political spectrum that is more obvious to me...can you imagine if Dean was calling the shots on Bush's side and Karl Rove was for the Democrats? George W. would have been impeached 2 years ago...

So what to do about this? Well, how about all you democrats in Congress (since I know this will likely be forwarded to your offices shortly) should quit focusing on calling George W. Bush "the worst president in American history"...John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, Rolling Stone magazine come to mind....and instead focus your attention on the worst DNC Chairman in American history...I mean....say what you will about George W., you can't change much about what he's done and campaigning on your hatred of him is not a great just makes you seem weak and vindictive, not strong and committed.

No matter how much you hate the W., you just can't change him...but how about this: let's focus on what you can CAN change your own leadership, and probably win back the congress and maybe the presidency...I just don't think you all have the best chance with the DFM at the helm....and the lack of the democrats to capitalize on Bush's bumblings is proof....
Let's review Dean's last few years:

He lost a bid for the Democratic presidential nomination by one embarrasing wheeze/squwalk/yelling fit....

He came out for gay marriage, before stating publicly he was against it....

He got made fun of by George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in a debate on this very blog!

He has the DNC about $30 million behind the RNC in fundraising....

etc etc etc

A rough few years indeed. So, even though I’m an independent voter…by the way is a misnomer….all think the same, no diversity of opinion…intellectual elitism…hippyocrisy…etc…and I neither support nor detest either side fully, I think that the Democrats really need a change in leadership from the top…then maybe the pendulum will start to swing back their way. Until then, make way for McCain, Rice or Guiliani in 2008.


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