Monday, May 29, 2006

Brave New World

Did anyone actually think that babies were being aborted for "minor, treatable birth defects" yet? I thought that was some scare-tactic used by militant pro-lifers in order to skew the debate and ignite the masses against abortion....I guess not, though. This is pretty scary and weird stuff...I'm not exactly sure where I fall on the abortion divide, but I know I don't like this.

I will give you this, doesn't happen very often. Between 1996-2004, 20 fetuses (feti?) were aborted for having "club feet" and 4 were aborted for having webbed fingers or 24 babies in 8 years isn't necessarily a epidemic, though it has sparked a firestorm of debate, obviously. I tend to think that the government doesn't necessarily belong in this type of debate...simply over abortion at least....but the fact that we're starting to see "manufacturing" of babies kind of freaks me out. It definitely reminds me of something....the singularity is near.


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