Saturday, May 27, 2006

Fair and Balanced...

Ok, I'll admit I went off on liberals in the last post...and they pretty much deserve it. But conservatives sometimes deserve it just as much, if not in an effort to be Fair and Balanced...and to shed some light into your minds...I'll analyze the 2006/2008 election season below:

The Democrats, as I mentioned last time, lament the Republicans' tactic of "playing the fear card", but, unless they're stupid, and I know they aren't stupid, they have recognized that it works. So they are trying to act like the object of the Republicans' fear (terrorists) isn't that big of a deal but the object of their fear (global warming) (and with the Repubs vice versa). So here is my analysis for the next elections:


Aren't you glad that the unparalleled political system that supports our blessed way of life in the greatest country ever to grace the face of planet earth can be summed up by two simple pictures?

If you are as ticked off by that as I libertarian.


I was so caught up in the "fear card" business that I forgot one:

It's kind of a wild card for both parties at the moment.


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