Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Random Thoughts: Tuesday Edition

  • With all the outrage from the church, bad reviews, and general hysteria concerning Madonna's new tour, I have to wonder: who is Madonna's PR person...she needs to give him or her a raise! "There's no such thing as bad publicity"...especially when you are an aging sex symbol without much new stuff going on...I'm amazed that Madonna can still cause such a stir...and I'm sure she's laughing all the way to the bank.

  • The blog "Bull Moose" always has interesting political commentary...usually left-leaning....but good, thoughtful ideas. The Moose pays tribute to Tony Blair in his latest post, the "premier moral leader of the West". I agree. I like Bush, sometimes, but his lack of political tact is really irritating. If Blair was president after 9/11 I honestly believe he would still have the country pretty much united behind whatever he decided to do. Blair has courage in his convicitions and is not afraid to be unpopular...which happens to be what I also like about Bush. Blair just does it with much more grace. This is more than just a random thought....I'll post on "Blairism" later.

  • Richard Cohen has written a great, concise piece on how the Saddam trial is a great metaphor for the war in general....The Michael Moores of the world have convinced us that we need not focus on the crimes of Saddam, only those of Bush. He concedes that the war has been poorly managed, but questions those who claim to oppose the war on moral grounds by pointing to the heinous things Saddam was doing when we removed him. Why should we care about Darfur (the popular liberal care spot of the moment) any more than Iraq? How is that more moral? We have completely lost sight of what Iraq was because of the political bickering over the invasion....it was a truly a despicable place. Where are your liberal values and moral righteousness anti-war crowd? Why is Darfur more important than Iraq, George Clooney?

  • Check out the band Two Gallants....it's two guys from San Francisco. They sound like a mix between Nirvana, the Black Keys and Vic Chestnutt.


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