Monday, May 22, 2006

Science is Skepticism..Global Warming is science..therefore, can I be skeptical about Global Warming without causing a liberal meltdown?

Happy movie-making premier Al Gore...just a few questions and I'll let you go back to your role as Master of the Known Universe in your mind and those of the liberal intelligentsia who so adore you....

If you are really as concerned about "The Truth" as you say you are, which, as I was perusing your website I was convinced that you must be, then should you not account for all new developments on the scientific front? Should you not seek to keep as informed an opinion as possible? Is not science the refuge for the methodical mind, not given to morality or emotional flippancy? I'll answer for you, since you seem like such a confused, desperate old man....yes, yes, yes.

If you were really concerned about the "morality" of all this...and if you really were a scientific mind, then you wouldn't be making the global rounds in order to spread your propagandized message. You would be spreading a balanced and informed opinion of the issue. But then you wouldn't be such a liberal superstar, right? Then you would lose the last ounce of fame and power that you have left. Well, I didn't read anything about how a study from Japan found that the ozone hole may be closed by 2050 on your website...but they're just lying, right? Those scientists are wrong but yours are right...right? If you want to accuse me of being close-minded for trying to form a balanced opinion on global warming, I will return the criticism to you...why not listen to all "scientists" and not just the one's whose studies coincide with your already made up mind....right?

I don't know whether or not global warming is happening, but I do know this: Al Gore seems like an attention-grubbing desperate loser politician. Either that or he is delusional. He indeed might go to bed each night thinking that he is honestly saving the world....and he probably has somewhat good intentions built upon his id-laden pursuit of power. But I refuse to endure anyone who obviously doesn't weigh both sides of an issue, especially one who presents a "documentary" that is so obviously one-sided on an issue that is controversial and does...if you look for it, have two sides. Al Gore, then, deserves only the respect that would be granted a thief, since he is robbing the issue of its complexity by trying to scare people into listening to him. I hope he isn't right...but he may be...but a far more reasoned approach than propoganda and fear is needed for such a large issue as global warming.

This is the same reason I don't like Michael Moore...Moore and Gore should maybe go into the documentary business together...MooreGore Productions, as in, "more" movies where the truth is "gored" with the spear of intellectual fraudulence.

I know Mr. Gore may think he can take liberties because, in his mind, we are in a state of emergency and the ends justify the means (isn't that the core tenet of modern-day liberalism now that I think of it?), and he has every right to make his movie...but have every right to question global warming too...and I will not be spoonfed political charged science as "fact" by Al Gore.

If you're interested in gaining more understanding into global warming, the most unbiased and helpful book I've read on the subject is The Skeptical Environmentalist, written by a Dutch statistician and former Greenpeace activist who began to question the veracity of some global warming claims....if you have overbearing friends who can't argue without yelling or calling you an a-hole or something (you know the kind I'm talking about)...then you need this gives great ammunition to fire back at them.


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