Saturday, May 27, 2006

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Unfortunately for this kid, who is 6 years old and weighs 210 lbs, he will stop becoming a hero in his hometown and an "object of fascination" in the West once he hits 12 or 13....that is unless he can work it up to 1,000, like those guys I had on here a few weeks ago. It's really pretty depressing once you read through it...they treat him like a circus animal:

During our two afternoons together I am run through the gamut of things he "does" for the camera. He sings something Nelya says is a version of the alphabet. He puts his arms in a Popeye pose. He stands on the scales, his arms perfectly straight down each side, as if standing to attention. He hulas a large metal hoop. He puts on a jumbo-sized wrestling vest and fights with his brother, occasionally thumping him with such force that there is a significant pause between Mukha being hit and Mukha laughing, during which Mukha wonders whether someone eight years his junior should be getting away with this.

Hopefully his mom is right:

"He does not eat that much." Then she adds: "He is happy that size. It is not shameful. He likes showing people how strong he is."


Ha! In a rematch of the "Judgment of Paris", during which a group of wine-tasters in Paris in 1976 deemed Californian wine superior to French wine in a blind taste test, the Californian wines won again! Freedom Wines! Hooray 'Merica!

Notes: It wasn't just any "wine-tasters" was the nine best European tasters...only one journalist was there...the French media thought the result "would be a bore"...via Instapudit.



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