Saturday, May 27, 2006

Who's Really Playing the Fear Card?

Michelle Malkin's latest "Vent" piece on Hot Air tackles the hippyocrisy of "Gulfstream liberals" you know how much more gas Al Gore uses than you do? Even if you drive a Hummer every day he probably uses twice as that's not in his movie (although it is an "inconvenient truth", heh heh). I guess he thinks that his ability to "get out the message" makes it ok for him to increase global warming way more than the average person by dumping pollution into the air on his globe-trotting adventures in order to tell people about how bad global warming is and how we should all take steps to avoid it....right? I hope the substance of that sentence isn't as asinine as its structure (sorry I get carried away and use run-ons a little too much)....but that's not the point. Run-on sentences don't cause global warming Al Gore, you do.

Anyway, the liberals always talk about how the Republicans have "played the fear card" in order to maintain power in you know what the first two lines that appear on the screen in the preview for "An Inconvenient Truth" are? Read 'em and weep:

If you love your planet....If you love your must see this film!

The next line that appears:

By far the most terrifying film you will ever see!

Busted, Al Gore! Zing, Hollywood liberals! Who's playing the fear card now?

Don't you think maybe a terrorist should be on the cover, or the Muslim cartoon jihadists, or something, anything, other than a poor polar bear who doesn't have enough ice...poor guy.

Here's what I know: we got hit, bad, by terrorists and they are plotting my personal (and everyone else in America's, destruction). Here's what I don't know: whether or not the fact that the 10 hottest years on record have been in the last 14 years means that "global warming" is happening, or is simply part of a bigger, completely natural climate fluctuation (the latter being a distinct possibility, though you would never hear about it from those ever so "open-minded" liberals eco-freakos).

Even Bill Clinton the other day, in a speech at UT Austin's commencement, said that global warming is a greater "long-term" threat than terrorism. And these people wonder why Americans don't trust their party with national security! I'm sure that if the climate had attacked the WTC John Kerry would have been elected in 2004.

Here's what I believe, and if you want evidence I will gather it just leave a request in the "comments" section...I don't feel like gathering it now but I will....liberals in America are the ones "playing the fear card"...they, and the people who sustain them in the mainstream media, want you to think that the world is teetering on the edge of utter disaster. They want you to think that is George W. Bush's fault. They want you to thinkt that is religion's fault. They want you to see the world as a place where brute dimwits go about, getting obese on McDonalds, not "understanding" each other because of their ignorant religious beliefs, killing the environment because they are too stupid to care and drive Prius's (or too poor), not to mention causing hurricanes and racistly reacting to natural disasters....they want you to think that even though the economy is kicking into high gear and doing better than it has in a long time that it isn't real (and you rarely hear about how well the economy is doing in the press....if a liberal were prez you would, trust me)...basically they want to scare you into thinking that the world is on the verge of collapse (and big brother's listening to you!!), that it's George W. Bush and Christianity and Wal-Mart's and Big Oil's fault, and that if you are intelligent and nuanced you will vote for them so that they can save it. These are the assumptions underneath their vain political posturings.

And yet none of the rules that they set out for us brutes to live by seem to apply to them:

  • Al Gore jet sets and dumps fuel way more than you do. Yet he still has the audacity to lecture you in his movie about reducing air travel and ask "are you willing to change the way you live?"...he obviously isn't, but he'll spite you and hate you and think you're ruining the world if you don't.
  • A "wind farm", generating energy without pollution and furthering our energy independence from the Middle East sounds like something out of a liberal guide to being green and great...right? Well, not if it's near the Kennedy family's Cape Cod mansion...Ted Kennedy used his political power to smash the project...but I'm sure if it was proposed somewhere in, say, Iowa he would have supported it whole-heartedly...perhaps even given a lecture or two about the importance of energy independence...etc. Blatant hippocrisy.
  • Gweneth Paltrow, admittedly not the greatest liberal mind out there...but a symptom of the root problem described above nonetheless, appears with Cameron Diaz in a new "Gen E" (Generation Environment) campaign designed to spread awareness about how wicked stupid SUV drivers are, etc....would it surprise you if I told you she drives a Mercedes SUV?
  • Barbara Streisand...yep...hippoycrisy.
  • Big roundup story: Sreisand, Normal Lear, Ariana Huffington, Chevy Chase, Paltrow, Diaz...all hippyocrites.

I think that they are "playing the fear card" for two reasons:

1) It makes them feel better about themselves. They all have this weird tendency, which is possible the fundamental tenet of liberalism, to dislike themselves, either directly (as in "I broke the dam....I broke the dam...I broke the dam") or indirectly, (as in "America is imperial, the terrorists are freedom fighters because we invaded their country, I'm an American, they don't like me, therefore, I don't like myself").

2)They view this as their way to get back power. If they can convince enough people that there are real problems that they know about and can solve, then maybe they can win back the house, and the senate, and the presidency, and the world, and the......


That's all I have to say about that.

Note: Go to Michelle Malkin's Hot Air site (via the top link) and watch the's what got the brain tinkering this morning....also, I stole almost all of her links, so check out her site too.


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