Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Apocalypse Now

Is it a coincidence that I saw this first on 6/6/6? Trump University Elite, check it out. From Ace of Spades....Because your education should be yuuuuuuuuuuge!!

Another one via Ace of Spades: Cindy "the anti-MILF" Sheehan doesn't support the troops....well, she does, just not the ones who support Bush, which, from what I've heard, is the majority. You know, I try not to cuss on this blog...but what a total bitch. Since when did liberalism involve being a complete bitch? Yeah, I know you have your first ammendment rights to say what you want, but have some freakin decency guys.

Speaking of being a total liberal bitch (sorry about the cussing again): can someone tell Jeff Pearlman of Slate to chill out and try to enjoy himself a little. The Cards fans in the room (and pretty much everyone in MLB) don't appreciate your omg-the-sky-is-falling bs about Albert Pujols using the 'roids....he's been repeatedly tested and cleared. Can you quit with the conspiracy theory "nothing good is true" nonsense and try to enjoy a great hitter? Why don't you and the anti-MILF go out on a date or something.

Haditha: If the charges are proven, it's bad and wrong and those involved should be punished. Michelle Malkin points out the vehemence of those on the Left to already try to define the entire war based on those soldiers' guilt...what about due process? Doesn't the Left LOVE due process? Why is Saddam even at trial right now? I guess when it involves American troops we're allowed to throw it out the window. So that's today's last apocalyptic sign: An entire wing of the American political system has positioned itself against our military and its hopes for success in a major war....every American from inception to about early 1960's (when the hippies injected this spirit into the national dialogue) would certainly agree that that is a sign of something gone wrong.


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