Monday, June 05, 2006

The Most Important Speech EVER!!!

President Bush is set to give a speech from the Rose Garden today at 1 pm.

There's a lot of heavy stuff on his plate right now. I suppose that he'll try to wade through these complex issues and talk matter-of-factly about the prospects of war with Iran, the ongoing struggle in Iraq, the situation in our public schools, gas prices, etc....should be a doozy.

Oh, what was that? He's talking about what?

Oh right, I forgot...the biggest issue facing America today marriage. Doh! Screw Iran, we need to start eschewing our own intolerance...maybe this is some Karl Rovian ploy to make Iran like us if we start discriminating against people whose lifestyle choices we disagree with then maybe they'll say, "You know, Americans don't like gays either, let's talk about that nuclear program...." or something like that. I have to say, brilliant.

I fall more towards the Neal Boortz side of the issue:

I think that it is perfectly fitting for us to use the United States Constitution, a document that is dedicated to the preservation of our inalienable rights, to tell a certain specific group of people what they cannot do, rather than tell the government what it cannot do.

We don't need tax reform. We don't need an end to earmark pork spending in Congress. We don't need smaller government and school choice. We don't need real reform that would put medical care back into the competitive marketplace. We need none of those things. All is fine! What we need is a Constitutional Amendment that will keep two people who love each other, but who we don't consider to be normal -- not by our standards anyway -- to marry.

It kind of brings us back to the ol' "facts vs fear" dynamic of political debate....fear the liberals! First they're going to marry man to man...but what's next? Man to pig! Dog to woman! Man to man to man to platypus! DOG to HORSE!!!! WE MUST PROTECT MARRIAGE!!!!

So I guess that conservatives are sometimes guilty of using the fear tactic as well, although I must admit in a more bizarre way...and that is the Conservative-Christian-Right-Wing-Republican-Straight-White-American-Male wing of the party, but still, it's pretty annoying no matter what.

So now here's the dynamic....

Don't Fear:

Don't Fear:


I'm just glad to know that the President's priorities are in the right place. Remember, 1 might just be the speech that defines a president's legacy (and I really, really hope it doesn't). If this kind of thing irks libertarian.


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