Monday, June 05, 2006

Thomas Lipscomb: The Truth, John Kerry, and the NY Times

Now I'm not saying I know who's right and who's wrong in the case of John Kerry vs. the Swift Boat Veterans...I think Kerry is a veteran who deserves the respect that he's earned....but if you read this story by Thomas Lipscomb, titled The Truth, John Kerry, and the New York Times, you may begin to wonder about the level of scrutiny the NY Times has used to examine John Kerry's record. Let's say we'll compare it to, oh, Scooter Libby and the "outing" that he was never even charged with. Switch each man's political persuasions and ask yourself honestly if the case would not be reversed, Kerry becoming villian and everyone asking about Libby..."what's the big deal?" Just makes you wonder about those big city journalistas, right?


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