Monday, August 21, 2006

'Cause I don't, want my boat, to be rockin'...

John Kerry accused Joe Lieberman of "adopting the rhetoric of Dick Cheney," during a weekend interview with George Stephanopolous, saying that Joe was "out of step with the people of Connecticut." Obviously, being accused of being anywhere near Dick Cheney on any issue in most liberal circles nowadays is the equivalent of having a swastika tattooed onto your forehead and basically just being by-golly-bat-shit insane, so let's not pretend like poodle-boy intended his words lightly.

I was for Joe Lieberman...before I sold him out for some anti-war the way, do you have any vegan garlic herb spread, I'm on my way to really virulent war protest and I promised I'd bring the dip!

Another thing that bothers me about Kerry's comments is his use of the phrase, "out of step with the people of...." However, I must say, he's not unique in the use of this singularly annoying utterance. Don't all politicians say this crap on a regular basis? How often do you hear these guys (and girls) in interviews or during speeches accusing their opponents of being, "out of step with mainstream America" or "out of touch with you great and patriotic members of skin flautists union" and so on and so on to whomever they happen to be pandering to at the moment? I understand that it's a catchy little phrase that conveys their intended meaning well, but aren't you pretty tired of hearing it all the time?

Second, "out of step with the people of Connecticut?" I don't think so Johnny boy. The last time I checked, Lieberman was up by like 12 points in the general election poll (indeed - 53-41). So, yeah, Joe is "out of touch" with the extreme-left-wing-anti-war-commies that you think are going to propel you to your rightful perch atop the heap in Washington, but that by no means makes him out of touch with the "people" of Connecticut. In fact, Mr. Kerry, Joe's "out of touchness" with your kooky supporters seems to have strengthened his support among the sane voting population of Connecticut. I guess its just his support of the war that's out of touch with you, Johnny-come-lately, because he seems to be pretty "in touch" with you on almost everything else. So go ahead and make this a one-issue deal and come decision time Rove'll blow you and your kind right out of the water...again.

VIDEO UPDATE: from HotAir, Kerry on Lieberman, Lieberman on Kerry.


Blogger cheekman87 said...

Notwithstanding that it's really none of John F'ing Kerry's flipping business what the people of Conn. think, aren't senators supposed to be relegated to their own states?
-So sayeth, the dirty deeds

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