Monday, August 21, 2006

Manbearpig...myth or reality?

Have you seen An Inconvenient Truth? All right, me neither. But have you seen those images of the glaciers hemorrhaging ice into the rising seas from the depressing newscasts that might as well close by saying, "and, in other news, a new scientific study has found that all SUV drivers are NASCAR-crazy-bumpkin-freaks who don't care about killing the ozone..." Yeah, me too. So we all know that liberals are far more nuanced in their understanding of intellectual matters, especially those that relate to the fool hardiness of us not so brainy as they. Why is it, then, that they fall for the "global warming trap" time and time again? If you really are intelligent you'll want as much information as you can get about something in order to form an "intelligent" opinion on it, yes? Why is it, then, that you never hear about things that would call global warming into question on the news or from any of these people? They simply accept that global warming is a fact and that there is no need to even begin to think otherwise. It's kind of like the debate between evolution and creationism, but one in which the other side has a lot more going for it. There is, simply put, a lot of evidence that suggests that global warming may not be caused by humans. You'll never hear about it because the mainstream media likes stories that scare you and have a readily identifiable villian...but it's out there. A case in point:

Greenland's glaciers have been shrinking for the past century, according to a Danish study, suggesting that the ice melt is not a recent phenomenon caused by global warming.
Danish researchers from Aarhus University studied glaciers on Disko island, in western Greenland in the Atlantic, from the end of the 19th century until the present day.

"This study, which covers 247 of 350 glaciers on Disko, is the most comprehensive ever conducted on the movements of Greenland's glaciers," glaciologist Jacob Clement Yde, who carried out the study with Niels Tvis Knudsen, told AFP.

Did you catch that? I believe he said that this study was "the most comprehensive ever conducted on the movements of Greenland's glaciers." That sounds pretty conclusive to me. And it found that the glaciers have been shrinking for over 100 years! But you won't hear about it on the news. Because then they'd have close with something like, "in related news, a scientific study found that all liberals are close-minded-d-bag-hippy-freaks...." and we all know that wouldn't fly.


Blogger cheekman87 said...

This time, the sky could be falling for real.

-Tagline from


1:36 AM  
Blogger Yusef Asabiyah said...

I think you're making an excellent point in this post.

I don't understand why it is important to you to frame that excellent point within the "hate a hippie" theme you seem to have going here.

That theme isn't really so original or even unconventional, and maybe not so amusing as you think.

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